How the use of social media affect us?

While rolling my eyes over the Facebook, I always used to feel that my friend’s life is so perfect. She always posts the photos about her adventurous trips on the weekends, and how fully she is enjoying her life and how grateful she is for the life that she have. After seeing the happiness in my friend’s life, I felt that – God has given all the world’s problem to me only. Why God is so unfair to me? I have not harmed any person, still why all the problems are in my life only?

All the false beliefs. Right? Trust me, there is not a single person on this earth who won’t have a single problem in their life. Few people are unhappy because they don’t have job, whereas peoples who have a job still they are not happy, because they don’t like the work they do, some have family, financial issues etc.

I strongly believe that social media are just the show-off business. And why do we spend our precious time just to know what’s going on in the other’s life. After spending some time on social media, I used to feel poor for myself and when you feel poor for yourself it holds you back. It moves your focus towards the problem instead of finding the solution. I always felt to check my Facebook account just for 5 minutes before I start to work. But that 5 minutes did cost me a lot. I went into depression zone, loss of concentration & focus, decreased my productivity etc.

Another bad habit I had was opening e-news, e-mail, twitter account frequently in between the work, which did disrupt the flow of work, concentration and regaining focus took more time, due to which the work which should take 1 hour for completion, took 4 hours for me to complete.

Social media are made addictive. There main purpose is to grab the people’s attention as much as possible. Although, we decide to spend a few minutes on it, most of the time it exceeds. I used to think that I have the whole day to complete my work so why not first check the interesting stuff on the social media. But it never goes in the way I planned. Because before I actually start to work, most of my mental energy was consumed by this social media. Our brain gets tired. In fact, research says that, our brain can work productively for 5-6 hours in a day.

Sometimes when I see towards this young generation, I really get worried. Most of the time I find people busy with their cell phones. Everyone is living in the virtual world nowadays. No one has time to speak with the person sitting in front of them. Everyone is busy chatting with the remote person or scrolling the social media websites. I asked few of my friends, the reason behind it. Most of them said to increase their popularity. This is a wrong assumption that people hold. Popularity can’t be gained from the social media, especially in this 21st century where the competition is too tough. What the market values, is the ability to produce things that are rare and valuable. And anything which takes the least amount of effort, time and is easy to replicate, it won’t get value in the market. One of my favorite quote is:

Your work reflects you

So I strongly suggest to all who are reading this blog, to quit using social media. I know it is hard, but once you pass this obstacle you will start to feel free, happy and fresh, and also you will have more time, use it to hone your skills. Make a commitment to check the e-mail once or twice a day. Finally, in order to become a better person, it is not only sufficient to have good habits, but you need to quit the bad habits too. For example – Doing exercise or going to the gym won’t help to make your body healthy. But you have to also stop eating junk food, to get the best results. Thanks for reading.