Job Hunting For Freshers

From last one to two years, I had been approached by many just passed out graduated students/Freshers asking to help them to get the job and giving the excuses for not getting the job. Below are some frequent excuses given Company’s have openings for experienced one’s only. Then, as a fresher, how could I get the job? I don’t meet the company’s requirement, there is a slack in the market, so there are only few openings and appliers are more, college won’t have any campus and many more.

All above statements are not true, I can say this with surety because I have gone through this stage. In fact, every experienced person at one or another time was a fresher. And one thing I found out that, the people who surrounds you makes you more scare by using their fake statements. So this is the one of real example which had been happened with me. I was doing an internship in Mumbai and few days were left for its completion. I was stuck at the decision whether to join new company or to continue in the same company. But I was not happy working in Mumbai, because I didn’t liked the environment, the rush, the dirt.So finally, I came up with the decision to complete the internship and to move Pune for searching new job. And I shared this plan with one of my friend, and he immediately said – “It’s a mark on the stone, you are not going to get a job in Pune, because you are a fresher” and continue by saying that Pune have openings for experienced candidates only. Matches with one of the statements listed above.

So again, I went into depression mode and I was stuck. On the same night, I had a small talk with my brother and I explained him everything about my plan and what my friend said. And he just said one statement – “Have you tried searching job in Pune? You can’t say this unless you don’t try”. Again I got the hopes, and finally took the decision to move Pune and give a try. Trust me, I got offer from the first company for which I applied. Look, how people fool you and increase your confusion. In fact, sometimes we take their statement for granted. So after getting the job offer, I got confidence that I can get the job and started to apply other companies. I applied to companies which had opening’s for experienced person too. And in fact, most of them had called me back for the further procedure and finally landed in one of the MNC company which had opening for 3 years experienced person.

So I would suggest to all the fresher candidates to apply for every position, no matter you meet their requirement or not. In fact, there is not a single person even experienced one who can meet all the company’s requirement. But on the other hand, with less effort expecting success to fall in your lap as some sort of cosmic reward can lead only to disappointment. You need to take efforts, do more practical projects, and add everything in resume the work you did, your achievements etc. People’s start to do preparation for interview when they come to final year.But your actual process of interview preparation begins from the first day of your college start. Do the practical work by yourself, don’t cheat with yourself by copying it from someone else’s book.

There are enough vacancies in the company’s every time. The slack market condition or boom market condition doesn’t have much effect. If the company doesn’t have vacancy currently, in a few days it will have, because one or more employee will leave the company, no matter how good the company is and this cycle goes on.

Thanks for reading!!